Attorneys Reach $1.4 Million Settlement For Sales Employees


Attorneys John Regan, Jeff Strom and Jay Livingstone recently secured a $1.4 million settlement for a class of sales employees working at the Lyon Waugh Auto Group (“Lyon Waugh”) in Massachusetts.

The Plaintiffs alleged that Lyon Waugh was paying its salespeople commissions and draws only, and crediting commissions/draws towards overtime and Sunday premium payments owed to their sales employees, in violation of the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling in Sullivan v. Sleepy’s.

The $1.4 million settlement will return significant sums back to workers across the Commonwealth once it is approved by the court. It represents roughly 1.75 times what the class was actually owed. The attorneys secured summary judgment at a very early stage in the litigation, putting the Class in the strongest possible position to obtain this early, favorable settlement.

“We’re ecstatic that we were able to achieve this settlement for these employees and provide them the compensation they deserve for the long hours they devote to their dealerships,” said Jeffrey Strom.

“Sales people are the lifeblood of any sales business and, as the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court recognized in Sullivan v. Sleepy’s, they deserve a more equitable share of the revenue they generate for their employers,” continued Mr. Strom. “We’re honored to have been able to successfully represent the courageous individuals who filed this lawsuit to obtain more equitable compensation for themselves and their coworkers.”