Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination is a Serious Issue

Gender discrimination is still a problem in the workplace. Some employees are passed over for promotions because of their gender or are paid less than their opposite sex coworkers. Although federal law protects employees from gender discrimination, it happens in many industries in Massachusetts and across the country.

There are various ways in which gender bias can occur on the job. The issue of unequal pay between sexes is one of the most common. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 supposedly put a stop to this unfair practice, yet some women who have the same job title and perform the same duties as their male counterparts continue to earn lower pay.

The way managers interact with their male and female employees may also differ, and this can be a more subtle form of gender bias. Women may receive diminished responsibilities or be talked to in a way that makes them feel inferior. Even though female employees should have the same opportunities for advancement as male employees, some women feel as though they’re up against a glass ceiling when it comes to making their way through the company ranks.

Gender bias can also occur when people think of one sex holding a certain position. For example, some people unfortunately still think that a secretarial position is traditionally for females, while a business executive is primarily for males. These outdated views still exist in some work settings, preventing qualified individuals from attaining positions simply because they’re deemed the wrong gender for the job.

Sexual harassment is also a form of gender discrimination, and both men and women can be victims. Unwanted sexual advances or comments create a hostile work environment and can make victims feel uncomfortable and unsafe at their jobs.

When workers are treated well and feel as if they’re a valued member of the company, they generally work harder. But people who experience gender discrimination may become increasingly less productive and disgruntled with their boss and their company. They can begin to feel undervalued because they’re not taken seriously.

Finding Justice

If you’ve been subjected to gender discrimination in the workplace, you’re not alone. You have the right to stand up to your employer and be treated as an equal in your work environment. Our attorneys have successfully litigated many gender discrimination cases, and we can seek justice for you. No one should have to suffer gender discrimination on the job. Contact us today to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your concerns.

Discriminated against because of your gender?