Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo Harassment in the Workplace

When a supervisor or co-worker demands sexual favors, of any kind, in exchange for better treatment in the office, it’s a form of sexual harassment, regardless of that person’s intent. If the employee accepts, they are submitting to a form of debasement. If they refuse, it frequently results in retaliation, making it more difficult for the employee to do their job. And, regardless of the outcome, such behavior is demeaning, humiliating and traumatizing. There is no room for it in the modern workplace.

The attorneys at Regan Strom understand how difficult these situations can be. We’ve represented employees who have suffered from quid pro quo harassment on many occasions and are sensitive to the concerns of quid pro quo harassment victims. Our unique approach to litigating employment cases puts you and your goals first.

What Does Quid Pro Quo Mean?

Quid pro quo means something for something. “You do this for me, and I’ll do that for you.”

In employment law, quid pro quo refers to bosses, supervisors or co-workers exacting sexual favors for favorable treatment: a job, a better job, a raise and so forth.

If an employee refuses, they may suffer retaliation. For instance, promotions and raises are denied. Refusing advances can sometimes even result in the employee’s termination.

We Can Help You Vindicate Your Rights

Quid pro quo harassment is unacceptable in the workplace, and our attorneys can help stop it. If you’ve been the victim of unwanted advances, with the implicit or explicit condition that your response will affect your job status, contact Regan Strom today for a free, confidential consultation to learn how we can help you.

Have you subjected to quid pro quo harassment?