Employment Litigation

Our Unique Approach to Employment Disputes

There are nearly two million workers in the Boston metro area working for hundreds of thousands of employers. Unfortunately, not all of these employers are in compliance with Massachusetts and federal employment laws. This lack of compliance can create significant damage for employees, ranging from lost wages to emotional distress.

At Regan Strom, we’re singularly focused on providing just and equitable outcomes to these problems while minimizing disruption to our clients’ careers as well as their family lives.

We serve individuals in all types of employment matters, offering the highest standard of legal representation. Our attorneys are calculated and aggressive in pursuing our clients’ goals. Our firm has an unparalleled track record of success, frequently taking on the most prominent employers and best law firms in Boston and across the nation.

We recognize that employment litigation often presents logistical, financial and personal challenges for employees. Our lawyers have decades of experience counseling clients on these realities of employment litigation. We take our role as counselors seriously, striving to support our clients in times of need, minimizing demands on them and their families, and delivering superior advocacy and exemplary results.

We Fight to Protect Employee Rights

Our attorneys resolve all types of complex employment issues including, but not limited to, these areas of employment law:

When you need legal representation for an employment law issue, you can depend on us. We’ll develop an intelligent strategy tailored to your specific situation and fight aggressively for you. Contact us for a free confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.

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