Unpaid Commission or Bonuses

You’re Entitled to the Commissions and Bonuses You’ve Earned

Are earned commissions and bonuses part of your job? For most sales employees, commissions and performance bonuses are their lifeblood and the primary way they provide for their families. Massachusetts law recognizes the importance of bonuses and commissions, and strictly protects workers’ rights. Under the Massachusetts Wage Act, employers are required to pay all commissions and bonuses that are “definitely determined” and have become “due and payable” to their employees.

Has Your Employer Failed to Pay Commissions and/or Bonuses?

Determining whether a bonus or commission is due and payable ordinarily depends on your contract and the terms of your commission, bonus or incentive compensation plan. For example, your contract may specify that your commission only becomes due when a sale closes or the product is delivered. Such commissions become due and payable when the sale closes, and your employer must pay you those commissions within seven days of the end of the pay period in which the sale closed.

Some commission, bonus and incentive plans state that employees will be paid for sales they generated even if the sales close after the employee has departed. Those promises remain binding on employers – even after the employee is terminated – and the commissions/bonuses must be paid as promised.

Employers sometimes promise bonuses or commissions orally – during a sales meeting and/or the interview phase. Although such verbal promises might be harder to prove, they’re also enforceable – even if an employer never puts them in writing.

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Has your employer neglected to pay your commissions or bonuses?