Late Paid Wages and Final Pay Check

Does Your Employer Pay You on Time?

Massachusetts law requires employers to pay employees their wages, including earned commissions and bonuses, within seven days of the end of the pay period in which the wages, bonuses and/or commissions were earned. Unfortunately, some employers pay their employees late every pay period. Since many employees live paycheck-to-paycheck, even one late paycheck can devastate personal and family finances.

Was Your Final Paycheck Timely?

If you left your job, was your final paycheck timely and did it pay you for all unused vacation or personal time off? Massachusetts law requires employers to issue employees their final paycheck on the day of their termination (if separation is involuntary) or within seven days of their final pay period (if separation is voluntary). Additionally, whether you quit or were terminated, your final paycheck must include pay for unused paid vacation and other paid leave.

Despite the clarity of Massachusetts law, a shocking number of employers fail to issue last paychecks on time. The burdens such late payments impose on employees and their families are staggering. No one should have to worry about paying their bills because their employer could not issue their final paycheck on time.

We Can Get You the Compensation You Deserve for Late Payments

Fortunately, Massachusetts law imposes stiff penalties on employers who do not pay on time. In fact, in Reuters v. City of Methuen, 489 Mass. 465 (2022) the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (Massachusetts’ highest appellate court) confirmed that late paid wages constitute “lost wages” under the Massachusetts Wage Act and employers who pay late are liable to employees for triple the late-paid wages.

Regan Strom’s lawyers are highly regarded wage and hour attorneys with more than fifty years of combined experience representing employees who were not paid properly. We’ve obtained several million dollars in wage damages for our clients and the classes they represented. We can help you obtain fair compensation for your late-paid wages.

If you think your employer isn’t paying you on time or not paying you for all unused paid time off, contact us today for a free, confidential consultation to learn how we can help.

Are you getting paid late all the time?