Off-the-Clock Work

Don’t Let Your Employer Get Away with Not Paying You

Hourly employees in Massachusetts are entitled to receive pay for every minute they devote to their jobs. If your employer isn’t doing this, they may be breaking the law and you could be entitled to up to three times your unpaid wages. Our lawyers have substantial experience helping employees obtain the wages they’ve earned, and they’re ready to help you recover what you’re entitled to.

Were You Compensated For All Time Worked?

In today’s demanding work environment, nine-to-five jobs are virtually non-existent. Most employers expect employees to be available outside their normally scheduled hours, but often fail to pay them for this work.

Some common examples of uncompensated work are:

  • Pre and post shift work required by your employer
  • Time spent getting ready for work, such as putting on employer-mandated equipment
  • Unpaid trainings
  • On-call time when you’re required to be at the job site and/or not free to use your time as you see fit
  • Working through mealtime and breaks
  • Non-commuting travel required time
  • Rounding time cards to the employer’s benefit
  • Work outside the office that’s not recorded on your timesheet

If your employer has required uncompensated work or outright refused to pay you the wages you’re owed, they may have violated the Massachusetts wage laws. Contact Regan Strom today for a free, confidential consultation to learn how we can help you secure the wages you’ve earned.

Is your employer making you work “off-the-clock?”