Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Your Employer Cannot Treat You Differently Based on Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity

Massachusetts law contains express protections against discrimination due to sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Sadly, this doesn’t prevent sexual orientation and/or gender identity discrimination from occurring. Many employees continue to experience discrimination on account of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

No one should have to suffer through the indignity, fear and emotional trauma of such treatment. Our attorneys are here to fight for your rights to a discrimination-free and harassment-free workplace.

Have You Been Discriminated Against?

You may have been discriminated against because of your sexual orientation or gender identity. Like all discrimination, gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination can take many forms, both subtle and overt, including:

  • Basing hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoffs, training, or benefits on sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Offensive or derogatory remarks about sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • Intentional and repeated misuse of the wrong name and pronouns
  • Segregating LGBTIQ+ employees (e.g., keeping them out of public-facing positions or directing them to certain offices or regions)
  • Prohibiting a transgender person from dressing or presenting consistent with their gender identity
  • Denying a transgender person access to bathrooms, locker rooms or showers of the gender with which they identify

Discrimination and harassment can also come from your coworkers. Your employer has an obligation, if they know about it, to prevent your coworkers from engaging in such behavior, and they may be liable if they fail to prevent it.

Discrimination can be based on real or perceived gender identity or sexual orientation. For example, it’s illegal for your coworkers to harass you because they believe you’re LGBTQIA+ – even if you’re not.

We Fight Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Discrimination

We understand how difficult and embarrassing it can be to advocate for yourself after you’ve been the victim of discrimination. Our attorneys have advised and represented employees in discrimination cases of all types, including cases focusing on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Our unique approach to litigating employment cases and knowledge of the many nuanced issues in these cases allow us to support you, focus on your goals and needs, and tailor an assertive strategy for your particular case.

If you believe you may have been the victim of gender identity and/or sexual orientation discrimination, contact Regan Strom today for a free, confidential consultation to learn how we can help.

Facing discrimination because of your sexual orientation?